Linking to the Latest Post in Hugo

This is probably only of interest to a small subset of the limited group of people using Hugo, but if you’re one of those half dozen people, you’re in luck.

When I described some of my initial struggles with Hugo’s less than forthcoming documentation, I suggested that this might be a net benefit for me. Ask me again in a year, but right now I’m finding it instructive to find that there simply aren’t answers to some of my questions. I’m less charmed by the apparent tendency of people on the Hugo forum to answer well-meaning and not all that obvious questions with some variation of, “Read the docs.”

I am not the only person who has wanted to link to the most recent post on a Hugo site, but no one seems to have offered up a helpful public answer. Here’s mine:

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On Platforms

I’m documenting, as much for my own benefit as anyone’s, my process in setting up this blog and, going forward, the more general interest blog I’m planning on maintaining next semester. That blog will be on WordPress, for reasons I’ll document later, but that mainly have to do with being consistent with what I’m going to ask my students to use.

My main Recursive Writing blog, though, uses Hugo and a theme based on the Clean Blog theme at Start Bootstrap. I spent some time looking at different static site generators, and even though everyone and their mother in the DH community seem to be using Jekyll, I decided it wasn’t for me. Primarily, I didn’t want to deal with Ruby, and I didn’t want to deal with getting Ruby up and running on the Reclaim Hosting server that this site is on. Most of the Reclaim servers now come with an option to install Ruby (this post contains more on Ruby, Reclaim and Jekyll), but mine doesn’t for some reason, and I wasn’t sufficiently excited about Jekyll to follow up.

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Hello World

This is yet another return to blogging. I can no longer keep track of how many returns I have had over the years since my first stint as a marginally successful knitting blogger when I was in college in the early aughts. And really, it’s a wonder that the genre is still around so many years later; most Internet-specific forms are far more short-lived. Even the confessional personal essay that seemed to have conquered every publication from Deadspin to the New York Times has returned to the Livejournal ether it sprung from.

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